December 10, 2019
The Essen-based hard rockers FORMOSA have teamed up with ftwctp Records for the vinyl release of their third full-length album. As usual, the contract negotiations were completed by handshake. The release is scheduled for April 2020.

Jörg from ftwctp Records says:
"I like the mixture of the casual, sometimes AC/DC-compliant Rock sound mixed with a lot of Thin Lizzy, the soft 80ies Sleaze, the Def Leppard Pop easiness and the very few Ramones bonds. The minimalistic drums, the unique timbre…I even love the ballad "Manic In Love". Not to work with FORMOSA would be criminal."

Kristina from ftwctp Records added:
"FORMOSA have convinced me very quickly. Their sound and their very individual art of playing,  the timbre, the catchy riffs and melodies that invite you to sing and clap make this album a special one. FORMOSA are an enrichment for the ftwctp Records family".

Formosa state:
"We are very happy to become part of the ftwctp Records family. The chemistry was perfectly right from the first meeting on. Now we are looking forward to the cooperation and the following months. We are motivated and full of enthusiasm. It's nice to have a label that is into vinyl, just as we are. Ftwctp Records is not solemnly made with passion or soul. You can say they are vinyl fanatics- in a positive sense. We are very excited to hold the records in our hands."